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Long long ago, I lived in Japan for about 5 years. I fell in love with the culture so Japan is very close to my heart. Whenever i have the chance to visit it's great because I get see my amazing friends. And another reason would be that I get to eat such good food. Yes you heard me right, Japanese cuisine in my opinion, is best in the world. Sadly I didn't bring the right equipment to take incredible shots of the food but however here are some of my pic from this visit.


O'hair International Airpot 


Color of O'hair Airport 


 I m so lucky to see Sakura. 


Ganbaatar Munkhsaikhan - ( Chiyoshoma Fujio ) 

​Some old some new 


Ueno Park 


Say Hello to Jay!

He is my best fiend who is there for me when i need it most.

It was really great to see you. Wish to see you often XOX


Me behind the camera not so good at it 












The Sumo Stable. Kyokutenho Maseru. Kyokushuho Koki 



The Sumo Stable.


Soogii and one thousand roses at Imperial Hotel Tokyo 


Erdenebaatar Tumurbaatar - ( Kyokushuho Koki )

Badarchiin Dashnyam - ( Asasekiryū Tarō ) with Bride. 






Love Birds 


Odgoo 20 years reunion 


Super cute super fun Deegii 


My god Son 


Saihan ayaljee, goy ch zuragnuud baina.
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