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  So many times I struggle to find the words to express how I feel about you.  How do I tell the woman who gave birth to me how important she is to my life?  You have given so much of your life to my happiness and well-being without thought or consequence of your own.  Simple words, gifts and no amount of cards seem enough …. do they?

  Here are a few simple thoughts for a woman who never gave up on me, from a daughter who is grateful for all her love and support!

  Everything I have done and accomplished, you have been right there cheering me on. 

  We have our differences…. sometimes you even make me want to scream, but it is only because you are challenging my thoughts and opinions, pushing me to be a better person.  This bond is forever binding us together.

 You are BEAUTIFUL!  Woman never get tired of hearing this, but struggle in the belief when they do.  Mom, never forget that you are beautiful. 

 Big thanks to my wonderful sisters who made this surprise Sakura party happened. The Cake food and decor is all done by them. What a talent thank you for teaching me to be better person. I love you 



 Happy Birthday Mommy.

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Love what you guys did for your mom. Keep up with your photo and blog
Enkhmaa khosbayar(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful . Happy birthday to your beautiful mom and wish her the never ending happiness
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